Recess Monkey Mixtape EP

by Recess Monkey

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released February 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Recess Monkey Seattle, Washington

Three teachers from Seattle who have landed in the national Kindie consciousness for their pitch-perfect understanding of what gets kids and their parents excited! Eclectic, eccentric and laugh out loud funny.


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Track Name: Grandmom's House
Well it's Sunday afternoon, we'll be heading out real soon
Over the river and through the woods
For a playdate at Grammom's house alright

Grammom's House!

It's not really a house, it's an apartment
With about a hundred steps up to the summit
I know I'm not supposed to run
But racing up is fun at Grammom's house

She's got our photos ‘bout the place, he loves to smooch my cherub face
We go for walks and have nice talks when I'm at Grammom's House
I've got a drawing table there with a just right sized chair
Special snacks for me, love so unconditionally at Grammom's house

Grammom's House!

I don't know what I'd do, what I'd do without you, my Grammom

Grandmother, Nanna, Nan, do you have an Oba-Chan?
Abuela, Nainai, Oma, a MeMaw in Oklahoma
YaYa, Tutu, Big Mom, Is she Grans, Grammy or a Mom Mom?
Babushka, Granma too, who are special gals to you?

Shout out! GRAND MOM!!!

We don't know what we'd do without you, our grammoms
Track Name: Popcorn
CHORUS: Pop pop pop
Pop pop pop pop Corn
Pop pop pop
Pop pop pop pop

We can smell it cooking from a mile away
We could eat hundred million pounds a day
Piled high in a bucket
Or red striped sack
Everybody give it up for our favorite snack


So bring out the pans, bring out the pots
Mama turns on the stove and gets the oil hot
Throw some in, to begin
We give a hop
We don't stop until the last pop in the tin


And if you're desperate we've saved a bag that has to be microwaved

To say we've buttered up, well there's a kernel of truth
My sis loves kettle corn, she has a sweet tooth
So catch you all in September at the county fair
Wherever there's popping you know you'll find us there

Track Name: Haven't Got a Pet Yet
CHORUS: Susie's got a pet, Johnny's got a pet
But I haven't got a pet yet

Gertrude's got a goldfish (a really-really wet pet)
Petunia has a poodle (fill its fur with your barrettes pet)
Tilly's got a turtle, everybody's got a pet now
Everybody's got a pet except me

Henrietta has a horse (put you in a lot of debt pet)
Silas has a snake of course (it's a garter don't you fret pet)
Belinda has a bunny and for me it's just not funny
Everybody's got a pet now Everybody's got a pet except me

Mother, Father, I present to you in PowerPoint
Reasons I need a dog…
I mean it, I'll clean it, I'll preen it
The best you ever seen it til I'm 113.
I'm up to the test, I'll do my best
I will not rest, on my pet quest
I'm sure that I can handle the routine
R-E-S-P-onsibility, find out what it means to me
Track Name: Ukulalien
Once a little UFO crashed in the sea
It landed near some islands named Hawaii
The alien got pulled down by the undertow
Toward a soothing sound from the rainbow reef below

It was a ukulele, little alien

A tiny humu-humu fish strummed happily
It snorted sand, "Let's start a band, Come play with me"

"I need a ukulele," Said the alien

The humu-humu-nuku-nuku apu'a
Had an extra at home made by her papa
They jammed together making waves and foamy foam
Then the alien started to miss its' home
The little fish made a fix on the UFO
Then set it on an underwater volcano

Take this ukulele, little alien!

Thank you said the alien, now please take care
The eruption shot the ship back the air

There goes the ukulele, Ukualien